YWAM Sydney Newtown — Australia's newest YWAM location.
YWAM Sydney Newtown is Australia's newest YWAM base in the inner city of Australia's largest metropolis. We believe everyone is called to missions, it's just a matter of finding where your skills, passions, personality, and the needs of the world collide. We offer Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) as well as opportunities for Gap Year programs, urban ministry, and local outreach all while enjoying inner city living and proximity to Sydney's best surf beaches and national parks.
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YWAM Sydney Newtown

Australia’s newest YWAM hub in the heart of inner Sydney. Be a part of pioneering this urban village along with us.



We are a tiny (think: pioneering) YWAM team with vision to grow into a thriving multicultural, multi-generational community in the heart of inner-city Sydney. For years believers have moved out to the suburbs. Along with a groundswell of others, we think it’s time to move back in and join the faithful who have stayed. Kingdom come, this is the yearning of our heart.



Our dream is to multiply community-based ministries all throughout Sydney in different villages, people groups, and spheres of influence, working together for city-wide transformation and mobilizing believers to take the gospel of Love to the folks next door and to the ends of the earth.

What is YWAM?

Every Christian is called to mission; it’s just a matter of finding where our skills, passions, personalities, and the needs of the world collide. For some of us, it also means reimagining what ‘missions’ even means.

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For the Love

A blog by the YWAM Sydney Newtown tribe

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Come and imagine

This is us: our vision, our motivation, our team, and how you can join us.

The Dream

Our dream for Sydney and the nations. Our dream for you.

About Us
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The Motivation

Jesus. Sydney. Nations. Community. Heaven on earth.

What Moves Us
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The Tribe

There’s room for you in our tribe. Everyone belongs.

Our Team
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The Invitation

Opportunity: the only limit is our imagination.

Join Us
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“The world needs more Christians who don’t tolerate the
complacency of their own lives.”

—Francis Chan
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Thank you

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land in which we now live, the Gadigal People, and we’re grateful to have been welcomed to Sydney by indigenous elders.