A Blessing for Fathers
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A Blessing for Fathers

A Blessing for Fathers


May God strengthen you for long nights and early mornings, feverish children and coffee turned cold.


May God grant you wisdom to navigate homework and potty training, shoe-tying and curfews, driving lessons and dirty diapers.


May God empower you to talk about awkward subjects with your tweens and have difficult conversations with your teenagers.


May God’s grace be there as your grown children look to you for affirmation when they bring that ‘someone’ home you weren’t expecting.


May you know the love of big hearts wrapped in the hugs of little arms.


May your sons know they are loved, may your daughters know they are strong, and may they never doubt how strong your love is for them.


May you know the peace of God as you assimilate your work into your family life and may the marriage between the two feel like the calling of the Kingdom.


May you experience the unending love of the Father while you find your identity in Christ.


May the Holy Spirit counsel you and comfort you while you counsel and comfort your kids.


May you know the years spent reading bedtime stories and cleaning spaghetti off the kitchen floor are years spent serving Jesus himself.


May you know the riches of family memory-making during ‘special’ times like family fun days to the sea and during ‘regular’ time spent around the dinner table, on bike trails, and snuggled up on the lounge during family movie nights.


May your children know your kindness, your intentions, and your generosity even as they only see in part what they’ll later see more fully.


May your home be filled with laughter and dance parties, heart-to-hearts and a healthy dose of friendly family competition.


May you know full bellies, full hearts, and the fullness of joy.


May you experience hope amidst grief and help amidst hardship.


May you know the affection of the Father as he watches you father your own little ones.


May you know the satisfaction of seeing your children grow to know Jesus on their own terms.


May you declare and receive ten thousand “I love you’s” and feel every single one of them in your bones.


May you always know the pleasure of God as you love your people—he notices, he hears, he feels, he cares, he loves.


A Blessing for Fathers

Photo by Nathan Anderson.


This post is part of a new series we’re running called Everyday Benedictions: Prayers of Blessing for Life’s Varied Vocations. We believe every vocation is ‘holy’ when done unto the Lord and that God graces us with blessing for them all. You can see other posts from the series here:

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Adriel Booker

Adriel Booker

Originally a tree hugger from Oregon, Adriel Booker now enjoys city life in Sydney with her Aussie husband and three little dudes who think they're superheroes. She's a writer, speaker, and mentor with a passion to help people connect with Jesus, find their place in the world, and usher in the Kingdom. When not mobilizing people for missions or advocating for justice she can be found traveling, writing, thrifting, reading in a quirky cafe, playing Lego with her littles, or wishing she could sleep in a bit longer. Adriel is the author of Grace Like Scarlett: Grieving with Hope after Miscarriage and Loss and writes regularly online at www.adrielbooker.com. She also leads the Love A Mama Collective, serving women in the developing world through maternal health initiatives. Adriel has been in YWAM since 2000 and now co-leads YWAM Sydney Newtown together with her husband, Ryan.
Adriel Booker
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