For the Love: A blog by the tribe at YWAM Sydney Newtown
For the Love is a blog by the tribe at YWAM Sydney Newtown. Although we are unapologetic about being a missions community, we understand that the word “missions” sometimes brings with it unwanted negative connotations. We hope to help change that as we dive into a wide range of topics about life, Jesus, and putting our faith into action.
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Sydney Uni YWAM homestay

Welcoming Sydney uni and college students

  It’s a new day for YWAM Sydney Newtown and we have decided to open the doors of our nine bedroom house to local uni students who seek to live with an Australian Christian family in a safe, loving, gospel-centred home! We’re so pleased to be able to extend hospitality to those who are new to Australia and/or Sydney, and we believe that living in Christian community can be a great blessing to not only those of us in our home, but to our local neighbourhood...

How a YWAM DTS taught me to pray - Sydney Newtown Australia

How awkward, heartfelt prayers changed my life on a YWAM DTS

"Teach me how to pray for others, Lord."   This was my prayer when I landed in Malaysia for my DTS all those years ago. I knew Christians 'should' want to pray for others to experience the life-changing love and acceptance of Jesus, but I couldn't exactly force my heart to feel what I knew in my head to be right. Whenever I prayed for those who hadn't yet encountered Jesus, it felt rigid, forced, boring.   Not long into my DTS (discipleship training school), I sensed the Lord challenging...

A Blessing for Creatives

A Blessing for Creatives

May you know, this very day, that you are beautifully creative because you have the genes of your good dad, the Creator.   May you know that you are approved and chosen by Him to create those things that will change the very atmosphere that surrounds them:   Paintings that when viewed will bring healing, deliverance, and wholeness. Spaces that invite people in and encourage relationship. Words that will move ideas from peoples’ heads to their hearts. Photographs that capture the essence of the Father’s love and magnify it for all to...

A Blessing for Law Enforcement

A Blessing for Law Enforcement

For the ones who run into danger so that others may avoid it, stopping blood shed, holding the broken, shielding us from it all.   To the ones who meet the dark side of humanity, so we can go on never knowing:   You are noticed, you are prayed for, your work is highly valued. You’re our safety, our provision, our security in the darkness.   Your compassion, your purpose, your blood, sweat, and fears; Your courage, your sacrifice, your heartache— they are seen.   God is with you, never failing. In Him may...

Newtown Sydney - Sky Full of Stars Coldplay

A look around Newtown — Sky Full of Stars (by Coldplay)

  Have you wondered what our neighbourhood looks like? This Coldplay video Sky Full of Stars is filmed two blocks from our place! Check out King Street, the main drag of Newtown, Sydney (also nicknamed 'Eat Street' because of allll the cafes and restaurants) along with this awesome song! ENJOY.   Now, who wants to come visit? Or even better, come do the Urban Village DTS along with us?!  ...