For the Love: A blog by the tribe at YWAM Sydney Newtown
For the Love is a blog by the tribe at YWAM Sydney Newtown. Although we are unapologetic about being a missions community, we understand that the word “missions” sometimes brings with it unwanted negative connotations. We hope to help change that as we dive into a wide range of topics about life, Jesus, and putting our faith into action.
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Everyday Benedictions: Prayers of Blessing for Life’s Varied Vocations

  Everyday Benedictions: Prayers of Blessing for Life’s Varied Vocations is an ongoing blog series on YWAM Sydney Newtown's blog, For The Love. We believe every vocation is ‘holy’ when done unto the Lord and that God graces us with blessing for them all. Each prayer of blessing is written by different guest contributors from around the world who are practicing a life of missions right where they're planted.   The following list is dynamic and ongoing. We will add in the links as each post in the series goes live:   A Blessing...

A Blessing for Teachers

A Blessing for Teachers

Cultivators of hearts and minds, may you be strengthened in your sacred and needed work.   May you know that each moment you spend pouring into another is full of meaning whether you are teaching ABC’s, algebra or baking bread.   May the teachers who have journeyed many years find their bodies strengthened and their hearts encouraged.   May the teachers who are just beginning find their nerves calmed and their path well guided.   May the teachers who are in the thick of it find one more light of inspiration again and...

A Blessing for Immigrants

A Blessing for Immigrants

Dear ones, may you find that you are embraced in your community and held tightly by a God who adores you with an unending love.   May you be wrapped in the assurance that you are a child of the Most High, even and especially when others may not treat you with the respect and kindness they should.   May you be protected from all who would harm you or threaten your human rights, including your right to bravely leave your home in search of a new start and...

Faith Fear Trust

When Faith Looks Like Staying Put

There are times in our faith journey where Jesus calls us to step out of the boat.   We all know the story of Peter—the bold one—saying, “Lord, give me the word and I’ll come.” And we know the outcome of the step of faith that resulted. Peter followed Jesus’ footsteps and actually walked on the water. Walked on water. The story is pretty incredible.   But as exciting as the prospect of walking on water is, there are other times when we desperately want out of the boat,...