For the Love: A blog by the tribe at YWAM Sydney Newtown
For the Love is a blog by the tribe at YWAM Sydney Newtown. Although we are unapologetic about being a missions community, we understand that the word “missions” sometimes brings with it unwanted negative connotations. We hope to help change that as we dive into a wide range of topics about life, Jesus, and putting our faith into action.
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3 Things you absolutely must know before going on DTS

  "There comes a time when you just have to take the leap of faith and trust God to help you land."     My excitement instantly flipped to a frightening fear as I stepped off the plane.   “Am I ready for this?”   There will come a point after the countless amount of communication, preparation, and farewells that your DTS will actually become a reality. Seemingly months of anticipation and waiting dissipates as the date draws near. I remember the occasion all too well.—suddenly the familiarity of security and comfort left...


A Blessing for Social Justice Advocates

Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God.   May God bless you with the courage to speak truth in love, to pray for the provoker of injustice and to walk with wisdom and grace as you advocate for the oppressed.   May you not be tempted to take vengeance upon yourself but trust the one who said never avenge yourselves but leave it to Him.   May the word of God wash over your heart and mind and guide your peace as you encounter the news...

Doing DTS as older student

How doing a DTS at 27 changed my life

Gripping the resignation letter, my heart was pounding as it suddenly occurred to me that I may be making a terrible mistake by saying yes to a DTS. The fears started rolling in. Was I kissing my career goodbye? Am I too old? How am I going to make friends?   Yes, those questions are incredibly real and so valid.   Initially when researching if doing a DTS with YWAM would be right for me one major thing that struck me was the array of young faces that flashed...


A Blessing for Worship Leaders

May you be filled afresh with the wonder of the one we sing about.   May you find the courage to take those you lead to new depths, every single time we gather to praise and adore Jesus.   May you resist the urge to cut corners or go through the motions.   May you discover fresh creativity in each season that God entrusts you to take on this mantle of leadership.   May you see this vocation as a real spiritual act of leadership, and never just a slot to be filled.   May...

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Everyday Benedictions: Prayers of Blessing for Life’s Varied Vocations

  Everyday Benedictions: Prayers of Blessing for Life’s Varied Vocations is an ongoing blog series on YWAM Sydney Newtown's blog, For The Love. We believe every vocation is ‘holy’ when done unto the Lord and that God graces us with blessing for them all. Each prayer of blessing is written by different guest contributors from around the world who are practicing a life of missions right where they're planted.   The following list is dynamic and ongoing. We will add in the links as each post in the series goes live:   A Blessing...