A Blessing for Worship Leaders

A Blessing for Worship Leaders

May you be filled afresh with the wonder of the one we sing about.


May you find the courage to take those you lead to new depths, every single time we gather to praise and adore Jesus.


May you resist the urge to cut corners or go through the motions.


May you discover fresh creativity in each season that God entrusts you to take on this mantle of leadership.


May you see this vocation as a real spiritual act of leadership, and never just a slot to be filled.


May you discover the joy of building a team that are all pressing towards the one goal we should all be going towards.


May you encounter Holy Spirt just as powerfully in private as when you are gathered in large(r) numbers.


May your reputation be one of great joy and service above recognition of skill and talent.


But may you never forsake the practical disciplines of refining your craft.


May the fruit of you ministry be one that’s not as easy to celebrate week in week out as one that is admired for the legacy it leaves for those behind you.


May you constantly be committed to developing those around you.


May you find so much joy in pointing the glory to the one who deserves it.


May you see the beauty of teamwork in your gatherings, where your contribution is one of the many other parts of how God moves and speaks in our fellowshipping.


May you be validated first and foremost by your heavenly Father.


May you have faith to always believe for more; More committed team members, More facilities, More quality sound gear, More new songs…


May you be refreshed as you refresh others.



About the Author:

Stevie Lujan is a full time dreamer. Those dreams most consistently take shape through songwriting and storytelling. He resides in the inner west of Sydney where he is currently developing a creative driven local non-profit to empower artists to tell their own stories. Find Stevie online at www.stevielujan.com/blog.


Featured Photo by MD Duran


This post is part of a new series we’re running called Everyday Benedictions: Prayers of Blessing for Life’s Varied Vocations. We believe every vocation is ‘holy’ when done unto the Lord and that God graces us with blessing for them all. You can see other posts from the series here:

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