Our Dream

Imagine with us

What does heaven look like when it invades earth?

What do communities feel like?

What do cities become?

How do nations turn to Jesus?

We believe the answer is simple: LOVE.

About us

Get to know us

Who are we?

First and foremost we exist because of Jesus—with, for, and because of him. He is our inspiration, our motivation, and our reason for being.


YWAM Sydney Newtown is a small, pioneering team with vision to grow into a thriving multicultural, multigenerational community in the heart of Sydney.


At our core we’re all about fostering community through hospitality, generosity, inclusion, caring for one another, and equipping believers for missional living in any realm of influence they feel called to. We believe every person has the right to meet Jesus and determine for themselves if they will follow him or not—we’re passionate about God’s redemption story and giving people opportunity to find themselves within it. We also believe every Christian is called to mission; it’s just a matter of finding where our skills, passions, personalities, and the needs of the world collide. We’re committed to help you do that.

Our vision and strategy

Our vision:

Our vision is to gather and equip believers to love like Jesus, make disciple makers, and see heaven come to earth as we care for the world around us in Sydney and among the nations.


Our mission:

We exist to ‘know God and make him known’ as we seek the peace of our city and the blessing for all peoples and nations through believers who are mobilized with the disarming love of Jesus, the radical inclusion of the Father, the empowering grace of the Holy Spirit, and God’s redemptive story for the whole earth.


We do this by:
  • Pursuing authentic relationship and fostering unity among believers, as well as encouraging and resourcing the many expressions of local and mobile church.


  • Serving the greater Sydney area with a multi-faceted ministry approach that matches the complexity and diversity of the city.


  • Equipping believers to walk with Jesus and live a missional lifestyle in whatever sphere of society they are called to live and work in.


  • Mobilizing a generation of believers to reach within their neighborhoods and beyond their borders, introducing the world to the hope of Jesus.


  • Envisioning the city as transformed by Jesus and living in a way to make that possible.


  • Caring for the poor and marginalized in a way that represents God’s heart toward all people.


  • Becoming a catalyst for change throughout our city, Australia, and across the globe as we pull heaven down and see Jesus embraced among the nations of the earth.



Our strategy:

Because cities are complex and diverse, we believe in order to reach Sydney our strategy must be dynamic, multifaceted, and community-based. Our long-term vision is to create a network of ministries— YWAM and otherwise—that are decentralized but connected by relationship, shared values, mutual accountability, encouragement, and support. Our dream is to have numbers of specialized teams scattered throughout the city, working in different neighborhoods, spheres of society, socio-economic groups, and ethnic/linguistic people groups, embodying the love of Jesus in tangible ways for the welfare of our city and the advancement of the whole gospel among Australia and the nations of the earth.


(Spheres of society: arts and entertainment, the media, education, family, science and technology, commerce, government, and the church.)

Our values

Our core values, informed by the bible and the shared values of Youth With A Mission are outworked in our local YWAM Sydney Newtown community through the following:


Spiritual formation.

We believe that the entire world is in the process of being renewed by God and this happens through the personal and corporate spiritual practices of prayer, worship, discipleship, the sharing and application of God’s word to every area of our lives, and embracing the whole gospel for our whole beings so that we might be continually transformed from the inside out.


Sincere welcome.

Jesus said that the world will know us by the way we love one another. Hospitality, in it’s truest form, is more than just a warm hello and cup of tea. The ministry of welcome, inclusion, and care is a powerful force that ushers in the Kingdom of Heaven amongst us, giving our neighbours the best possible chance of meeting Jesus in our midst.


Extravagant generosity.

Creation itself was an act of extravagant generosity toward mankind, and God has never stopped being generous since. Generosity is more than just an exchange of dollars; it’s a state of heart and a state of being that’s a direct result of God’s continual generosity toward us. There are many forms generosity takes, including being generous with our faith and God’s story (evangelism), generous in our grace toward one another (healthy relationships), and generous with our time, talent, and resources (serving others).


Genuine community.

People are not designed for isolation and independence but hard-wired for relationships, family, and friendship. We believe that the pursuit of genuine community is the beginning of healthy homes, churches, schools, businesses, cities, peoples, nations, and even our environment as a whole.


Social justice.

We are concerned for the poor and marginalized and seek to find ways to connect the resources of our city with the needs of her people, both on a local and global scale through various works of justice, compassion, and advocacy. This does not come exclusively through Christian programs and ministries, but also through personal responsibility, civic initiative, and shared movements among the Body of Christ.


Equipping of the saints.

Jesus didn’t leave a “ministry” assignment that is exclusive to apostles, prophets, pastors, and missionaries; he left it to his people—the Body of Christ. It’s the role of church leaders now to “equip the saints” (believers) for the work of the ministry in the world (Ephesians 4:11-13). Faith, work, and life-in-general were never meant to be segregated. We seek to inspire every man, woman, youth, and child in our care to learn what it means to do the work of the ministry through whatever vocation or sphere of influence they find themselves in and equip them for a genuinely missional life outside the walls of the church.


The pursuit of unity.

We believe that city transformation—and nation transformation—is possible, but not without the pursuit of unity. We refuse to be in competition with like-minded organizations or local church movements and believe that as we work together (along with community and civic groups, local businesses, and others) we can help provide maximum room for God to move and have his way among our city, our nation, and to the ends of the earth.


Family as a revolution.

Every person was created for and within family. Sometimes this is expressed through our biological relationships; other times it’s expressed through cultivated relationships. When family is functioning according to the ways of Jesus, it becomes life-changing, life-giving… and revolutionary.


Simple, powerful beauty.

We believe that Jesus is beautiful and that when his beauty is on display through humanity (and the things we create and cultivate), people can’t help but to be drawn to him. And when we see the beauty of Jesus, we can’t help but love him.


Everyday peacemaking.

While peacekeeping is passive, peacemaking is active. We are a community committed to pursuing peace for our relationships, our city, and the earth.


Love that looks like Jesus.

Jesus is the most complete picture we have of God (Heb 1:3; Col 1:15), and he came to show us exactly what God looks like: Love (1 Jn 4; Jn 1; Jn 3). Jesus is the Person we filter our theology through. When we read the Bible, we do so through the lens of Jesus and the help of Holy Spirit. When we approach God the Father, we come through Jesus. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit together are the essence of Love, and Love is what all believers enter into when we say ‘yes’ to Jesus.


Movement & multiplication.

Our measure of success cannot be defined solely by “bums on chairs” or “staff on our books,” but instead is marked by the movement of the gospel in our lives and communities through authentic, growing relationships, creativity and intentionality in everyday missional living, and the planting and multiplication of new initiatives through those “sent out” from among us.


We exist not for ourselves, but for our neighbours. “Each of us should please our neighbours for their good, to build them up. For even Christ did not please himself.” —Romans 15:2-3

About YWAM International

YWAM Sydney Newtown is part of a global missions movement—Youth With A Mission—of five million people with 26,000 full-time operational staff volunteering in more than 1,000 locations in 180+ countries. Founded in 1960, YWAM (pronounced “WHY-wham”) is dedicated to presenting Jesus personally to this generation, to mobilizing as many as possible to help in this task, and to the training and equipping of believers for their part in fulfilling God’s great redemptive plan for humanity by presenting the whole gospel for the whole person.


As a mission we are decentralized in structure, meaning each center is financially and legally autonomous to allow locations to adapt and serve the specific needs of the community, while also making provision for multi-cultural leadership and the exploration of new ways to see lives changed. We are networked by relationship, common values, eldership, freedom in the Spirit, and a shared passion to ‘Know God and Make Him Known’ and held accountable to uphold these principles and convictions. Our workers have varied thought, story, culture, Christian tradition, and spiritual practice but together we make a movement that is passionate about keeping the main thing the main thing: Jesus and his centrality to the world. Our statement of belief, values, and more can be found on the YWAM Global website (www.ywam.org).

The Story of YWAM

About the University of the Nations

The training we offer—such as the Urban Village DTS—is part of the University of the Nations. The U of N, born out of YWAM, is the world’s first global university. With more than 400 locations in 110 countries, the U of N is a university for missions. The university is comprised of seven colleges designed to bring God’s truth and hope to the most influential areas of society: Christian Ministries, Communication, Counseling and Health Care, Education, Humanities and International Studies, the Arts, and Science and Technology.


Courses offer a variety of guest instructors and professionals teaching in their area of expertise. Theory and “hands on” practice are blended, both in courses as well as on outreaches, field assignments, and internships, emphasizing service and experiential learning along with formal classroom learning. If you’d like to know more about the University of the Nations, please watch this 15-minute mini-documentary.


YWAM Sydney Newtown is located in the heart of Australia’s biggest city in a vibrant, multi-cultural “village” called Newtown. Just four kilometers (two-and-a-half miles) from Sydney’s famous Pitt Street, Newtown is bursting with creatives, students, small businesses, ethnic diversity, and young professionals living side-by-side with some of the city’s urban poor. It is a wonderful hub for arts and culture with an eclectic mix of people, lifestyles, cultures, and orientations. According to recent census data, Newtown is “Australia’s least religious post code” and we think that makes it a perfect place for a thriving, Jesus-centered community of YWAMers to put down some roots and get to know our neighbours. We have so much to learn from one another.


Newtown is minutes away from landmark sights such as the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, the Rocks, and the Darling Harbour precinct, and an easy jaunt on public transport to Australia’s most famous surf beaches such as Manly, Coogee, and Bondi. We’re within walking distance to some of Sydney’s most interesting neighbourhoods and parks, while still being on the doorstep to the Blue Mountains—some of Australia’s most spectacular national parklands.


Newtown, Sydney is pretty much awesome in every way. There’s something for everyone to love here—come see for yourself. Check out this Coldplay video for a look at Newtown. This was filmed about two blocks from our place:

What is YWAM?

Ministries & Training

Ministry philosophy


Jesus came to show us what incarnational ministry looks like, and we believe we’re most effective when we also take an incarnational approach. In the book of John, chapter one it says that Jesus became flesh and blood and moved into our neighborhood. That is exactly the sort of organic, grassroots, incarnational approach we practice in Sydney — our teams are moving into neighborhoods, becoming a part of them, and quite literally learning to love our neighbours well.


We envision a groundswell of people coming together under the banner of Love—those who claim the church and those who don’t. Together we find common purpose in serving one another and making our city a better place for Love’s sake.


As our city is transformed by Love, we naturally want to spread the Love beyond our borders—to the whole of Australia and into the nations of the earth.



Our hope for ministry


YWAM Sydney Newtown is a pioneering work and, therefore, still in the early days of establishing ourselves within our community. The ministries and training courses listed below are at various stages of the pioneering process. Some are underway, some are still a dream in our hearts. This list is not exhaustive nor is it conclusive. Our ministries will be shaped by the leaders God brings to our team so expressions of God’s heart will be wide and varied and nuanced according to their passion and skill as well as the needs that spring from within of our neighbourhood and community.



Above all, we are learners


We desire that everything we put our hand to is shaped by our posture as learners in our local community. Together with those around us, we pray and endeavour that the ministries and training programs we offer at YWAM Sydney Newtown will emerge in God’s way, in God’s time.

Urban Village Discipleship Training School (YWAM DTS)

YWAM’s 6-month Discipleship Training School (DTS) to train young people (and the young at heart!) for missional living both at home and abroad.

YWAM Gap Year in Sydney, Australia

Our Gap Year program encompasses a 6-month YWAM DTS plus an additional half year (volunteer) internship. Find our more here.

Leadership Communal (ministry development training)

The Leadership Communal is an accredited two year educational track to equip you for Christian ministry and beyond. At the heart of our Leadership Communal is a focus on personal and community discipleship, team leadership skills, developing spiritual practices for a missional approach to life, and vocational discovery. Find out more here.

The Word for All

Home by home, street by street, this is an initiative to distribute bibles at every door in our community for those who want to receive the free gift of God’s word, starting with Newtown and then reaching into the other surrounding villages of inner city Sydney. Our strategy includes making sure the bible is available in peoples’ own heart language (often in digital form). The Word for All is a part of the global movement, End Bible Poverty. We recognize that having a Holy Book on a bookshelf is not enough to transform a life, but through this effort we are meeting our neighbours, establishing a connection point, and then looking for other ways we can engage and explore genuine friendship and neighbourliness.

For the Love of Sydney

movement of individuals, families, community and civic groups, and local churches and businesses extending acts of kindness, compassion, hospitality, and generosity in the name of Love. These will often take place through collaborative service days and neighbourhood-based events.

For the Love of Sydney Youth

For the Love of Sydney Youth Camp is a short-term missions training and outreach to equip youth in local and cross-cultural volunteerism. In the years to come we also hope to pioneer a regular youth community outreach to engage young people (ages 12-17) in inner Sydney in a way that fosters belonging, identity, healthy relationships, and the transforming love of Jesus. We believe youth thrive when they’re given the opportunity to rise to the challenge of engaging their faith and being equipped for gospel-centered leadership and a missional lifestyle (1 Tim 4:12).

For the Love of Sydney Creatives

In the years to come we hope to cultivate a supportive community to resource, encourage, and facilitate creatives among us in multiple expressions of art, music, writing, and cultural engagement for the peace, beauty, and welfare of our city.

Love A Mama Collective

collection of initiatives designed to empower women, particularly mothers, with a strong emphasis on maternal care in underdeveloped nations through resourcing and training as well as community engagement among women in our own local area.

English Corner

Our English Corners are a way to provide hospitality, friendship, and English support for new-to-Australia uni students. We meet over games, coffee, and food for low-pressure English conversation and fun.

Our Scarlett Stories (bereavement support)

Our Scarlett Stories is an online ministry providing grief support for women and their families after miscarriage, stillbirth, and other forms of pregnancy and baby loss. Find out more about Our Scarlett Stories here.

Our Story
The earliest days


YWAM Sydney Newtown was a dream in the hearts of a young Aussie man and young American woman far before they ever knew each other. Ryan Booker and Adriel McIntosh joined YWAM in 1999 and 2000 (respectively) not knowing God had set them on a path to discover his heart for the world in a way that would eventually lead them to both commit to full-time vocational ministry.


When worlds collide


While serving on opposite sides of Australia at different YWAM bases—Ryan in Townsville and Adriel in Perth—they met during YWAM national leaders gatherings and not long after fell in love and married. YWAM Sydney Newtown was born out of two long-time visions for Sydney becoming one.


From little things, big things grow


After serving together at YWAM Townsville for another six years after marriage, the Bookers packed up their two young boys in order to follow God’s leading to inner-city Sydney in late 2014 with the support of YWAM Australia Eldership. They lived in a tiny vintage caravan began the planning and preparation stages of what would become a YWAM base in the heart of inner Sydney. The word God gave them during this season of incubation was: “from little things, big things grow.”


Planting in the inner city


By mid-2015 the Bookers began the work of finding a place to put down roots in Newtown and gathering team and community to help pioneer and birth this new urban missions initiative, and by February 2016 they moved into a boarding house owned by Newtown Mission and began renovating it for the purposes of life, ministry, and growing a team. In 2017 they began hosting outreach teams from all throughout the Australia-Pacific region as well as hosting weekly community gatherings around feasting, friendship, and fellowship. In 2018 they added For the Love of Sydney worship events to our ministry calendar and launched an online ministry to bereaved families. And in 2019 our staff team grew from 2 to 14 and we launched the first ever DTS to run in Sydney’s inner city—the Urban Village DTS.


Who are the ministry leaders?


Ryan and Adriel Booker bring with them more than forty years of combined leadership experience within both the local church and missions contexts. Their main areas of focus throughout the years has been pioneering and leading youth ministries (Ryan), equipping and mentoring leaders (both), pastoral care (Ryan), preaching and teaching (both), project management and events (Adriel), administration and finance (both),  communications and creative story-telling and advocacy (Adriel), and urban ministry both in western and non-western contexts. Between the two of them they’ve led a dozen YWAM Discipleship Training Schools (DTS), more than a dozen YWAM Basic Leadership Schools (BLS), and have been a part of serving hundreds of staff and students in Great Commission community. They have three young boys and a friendly dog who thinks he’s a lap cat.


Who else is on our team?


God amazed us in 2019 with the expansion of our team when it grew from just one couple to a passionate, Jesus-loving team of 14. Friends from YWAM Sunshine Coast invited the Bookers to share their vision for Sydney and recruit staff to join them, and twelve brave, young, hugely talented YWAMers responded to the call. It was miraculous…even if it did all take place on April Fools Day! :)


Let us introduce you to some of our core staff:

Elise Takashima — DTS Leader, Stirfry Master, Committed Runner, Surfer Girl, Poet, Listener-in-Chief, Worship Leader, Card Game Dominator, Registrar, Covert Twin, Mug Stealer, Deep Thinker, Encourager

Jessie Gaudet — Kitchen Manager, DTS Staff, Playlist Ninja, Surfer Girl, Youth Gatherer, Videographer, Worship Leader, Justice Champion, Bible Teacher, Truth Teller, Hugs Giver, Big Sister

Jamie Ila — Hospitality Coordinator, Karaoke Queen, Calligrapher, Prayer Provoker, Outreach Leader, Flower Collector, DTS Staff, Worship Leader, Joy Spreader, Feast Giver, Accent Master, Nourisher


Visionary pioneers


YWAM Sydney Newtown is looking for more team members who share the same heartbeat: a relentless desire to see God’s Kingdom come. We are not a flashy, established ministry centre running lots of slick ministries and multi-leveled training programs. What we are is a small community of visionary pioneers creating something new in the heart of Australia’s first city—God’s forever dream of redemption for a new day. Some of the specific roles we’re looking to fill are: Bookkeeper, Web Developer/IT Manager, Blogger, Groundskeeper, Outreach Coordinator, and an Au Pair/Nanny to assist the Booker Family. Please don’t let this short list limit you though—we’re pioneering so chances are we need the skills you offer! (Do you think you’ve got what it takes to join us? Learn more here.)