A Blessing for Artists

A Blessing for Artists



You are the great I Am who spoke the universe into existence. The power of spoken word painted the sky and brought forth light. Your finger molded the mountains and beat the drum of ocean rhythms. With imagination you created and fashioned the pomegranate dripping with ruby, red sweetness and delighted the senses with the song of the nightingale. Your very breath brought forth life calling man’s soul to fill his lungs and ignite his belly. “Live!” You said, and saw it was good.


Our poets said, “For in You we live and move and have our being.”


Spirit, may Your essence, Your very Presence move our being. Spirit, will you constantly burn away anything that clouds our ability to see clearly those images you are calling out of our deep, that speak of things that have come and are yet to be. Give us courage to write, draw, perform, dance, speak those things you’ve given us to call into existence. Let us not be swayed by culture’s raging river, but let your Spirit be the fire that wages war with the flow that leads to deserts and wastelands. May our art ignite a hunger in others to want to know You.


Deep calls to deep.


Jesus, You have fashioned us to walk with a cadence unique to our tribe. We find ourselves in the fringes, on the edges of this land. We are compelled to know the other, to see the other. We’ve been made with the ability to translate and adapt and to be flexible and fluid. May our humanity be our window. May we know to whom we belong so that our art is not shrouded. May it be transparent and honest. May those abilities never be untethered. May we always find our ground. Anchor our souls to your cross so that our art and expressions, point in the direction of hope. For we know the end of the story.


May our dreams be found in You.


Father, You fashioned us in the palm of Your hands. You intricately made us, down to our fibers, nuances and feelings. You awakened our senses and set before us an invitation to come and see your goodness; to taste and savor delicacies and details. You opened our eyes and our ears, our hearts and our minds to imagine. You equipped our hands and mouths and feet to communicate Your love and creativity for creation. May our lives be an invitation. May our art be generous. May we place the tools You’ve made us to be, back in Your hands to be used by You.

May we create beauty for beauty’s sake.


May our inspirations and motivation come from You.


May we be one as You are One. May we collaborate, pushing and pulling, calling each other into the refining fire. May we not settle for mediocre half thoughts, but may we work our muscles to learn and relearn our craft, until our tools are extensions of our hands. God, let us set the pace, no longer scrambling to keep up. Let us take our place as culture shapers, tending from within this world you’ve entrusted to us. Together, in symphony, undulating melodies, may we beckon others to join the dance. Let us dance! Let us celebrate and laugh. Let our very lives be painted with Your celebration. Ordain us to follow in your footsteps, creating with every breath.


And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.




About the author:

Kristin Potler is an artist, faith jumper, storyteller and woman and who is in passionate pursuit of Jesus and is daily aware of His pursuit for her heart. She is the daughter of a preacher man and an artist mama, who were called during the Jesus Movement. She was raised in a home where evangelism was a way of life, prayer moved mountains and the Spirit was living and creating new every day. She’s been married for 23 years to her personal chef and is mama to five artists.

She firmly believes the Church is starving for the artists to be who they were made to be, taking their place as culture shifters, prophets, warriors and creators of that which intrinsically makes us turn our heads to see our Maker. She currently serves as director of YWAM Baltimore. Find Kristin at www.kristinpotler.com and @kristin.potler.


A Blessing for Artists - Everyday Benedictions

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  • Jill Hiestand

    love this!! Such a good reminder that the body of Christ the Church NEEDS every part!! Even reluctant creative types : )

    5th May 2019 at 4:13 pm

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