A Blessing for Creatives

A Blessing for Creatives

May you know, this very day, that you are beautifully creative because you have the genes of your good dad, the Creator.


May you know that you are approved and chosen by Him to create those things that will change the very atmosphere that surrounds them:


  • Paintings that when viewed will bring healing, deliverance, and wholeness.
  • Spaces that invite people in and encourage relationship.
  • Words that will move ideas from peoples’ heads to their hearts.
  • Photographs that capture the essence of the Father’s love and magnify it for all to see.
  • Fabrics that will allow the wearer to feel the loving embrace of Jesus.
  • Jewelry that will empower others to remember they are chosen and treasured.
  • Music that swells and permeates even the cells of a person’s body and infuses them with peace or inspiration.


May you walk in complete freedom knowing that there is absolutely nothing inherently wrong with you because you are creative.


May you be able to be still and listen to what the Father is saying and share it through your creations.


May no lie rest on you that you need anything other than God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit to help you to be creative.


May you experience the great fountain of inspiration even before you position yourself to create. May the ideas come from the fountain of living water that comes out of you that will never runs dry.


May each moment of creativity be a divine moment when you feel the hand of God rest upon you and work through you.


May you walk free from the fear of what man thinks about you so that you can run forward in your field, uninhibited by chains.


May you know that you are a finisher. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. As you walk hand in hand with the Creator He can provide you solutions to the final steps.


May both sides of you brain function exceptionally well together and may they both be strong and powerful.


May enjoy each and every part of the processes of your art and may there be lessons learned in every step.


May the names the Lord calls you be the ones that are the loudest and truest in your heart that. . .


You are loved.


You are complete.


You are blessed to be a blessing.


You are anointed.


You are strong.


You are fearless.


You are powerful.


You are enough.


May the end of each day find your head resting on your pillow as you think about the amazing ways God has worked through your creations.


May your dreams be full of ideas for the future.



About the Author:

Betsy Pendergrass is a writer and speaker from Jackson, TN. She blogs about the love of the Father and how He created each of us to make a difference at www.gatheringaround.com Follow her on instagram @betsypendergrass.


A blessing for creatives - Everyday Benedictions

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