A Blessing for Immigrants

A Blessing for Immigrants

Dear ones, may you find that you are embraced in your community and held tightly by a God who adores you with an unending love.


May you be wrapped in the assurance that you are a child of the Most High, even and especially when others may not treat you with the respect and kindness they should.


May you be protected from all who would harm you or threaten your human rights, including your right to bravely leave your home in search of a new start and a better life.


May you see the hand of the Father moving in your life, whether that is a constant quiet presence reminding you of His love, or a big strong nudge giving you direction and purpose.


May every door and opportunity be open to you, and may you extend opportunities to others as you progress and prosper.


Whatever you apply your hand and strength and energies to today, may it be productive and bring you satisfaction and joy, as if working for the Lord.


May you have safe travels on your journey, and may discouragement be far from you as you trust God and heed His plans for your life.


May you understand and feel in your heart of hearts today that you are so very precious in His sight, even and especially when those surrounding you do not see or treat you that way.


May God richly, deeply bless you and provide for all your needs.


May you see that you are so valuable to the population and country that you live and work in, and may others around you appreciate your gifts and contributions to society. They are truly many.


May the color of your skin, your language, and your culture be celebrated and treated with respect, and may you respond with grace and educate others when they fail you in these ways.


May you be seen and heard, and your voice be amplified. May you know your worth and live firmly in it. May injustice and sin against you dwindle and cease as the Kingdom of Heaven advances, and may grace and peace follow you everywhere you roam.


Author Bio:

Cattie Price is a writer and speaker from Kansas City. She blogs about Jesus, social justice, and theology over at www.EverydayGrace.net. Follow her on instagram at @cattiesmiles.


A Blessing for Immigrants

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