A Blessing for Law Enforcement

A Blessing for Law Enforcement

A Blessing for Law Enforcement

For the ones who run into danger so that others may avoid it, stopping blood shed, holding the broken, shielding us from it all.


To the ones who meet the dark side of humanity, so we can go on never knowing:


You are noticed, you are prayed for, your work is highly valued. You’re our safety, our provision, our security in the darkness.


Your compassion, your purpose, your blood, sweat, and fears; Your courage, your sacrifice, your heartache— they are seen.


God is with you, never failing. In Him may you abide.


Go with courage, go with passion, your will to serve never fading. Promoting fairness, fighting evil, and defending innocent lives.


God before, God beside you, God taking up the rear. You’re our heroes, our champions, our protection, always near.


Author Bio:

Tia McNelly is a writer, speaker, and nonprofit leader living in North Carolina. She loves Jesus, real people, mountains, good food, coffee, and Kenya. She can be found online at www.tiamcnelly.com.


A Blessing for Law Enforcement

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