A Blessing for Teachers

A Blessing for Teachers

Cultivators of hearts and minds, may you be strengthened in your sacred and needed work.


May you know that each moment you spend pouring into another is full of meaning whether you are teaching ABC’s, algebra or baking bread.


May the teachers who have journeyed many years find their bodies strengthened and their hearts encouraged.


May the teachers who are just beginning find their nerves calmed and their path well guided.


May the teachers who are in the thick of it find one more light of inspiration again and yet again.


May you wake to new mercies and fall asleep refreshed by the great Teacher’s presence.


May parents teaching at home be filled with supernatural patience, joy and endurance as you journey with those closest to you.


May believers teaching in dark, hard places find ways to till the ground, planting seeds of light, and may grace surround so that darkness cannot overcome.


May men and women teaching in gospel centered schools ring out our Maker’s truth clear and radiant.


May friends, family and mentors gathered teaching around coffee cups, dinner tables, running trails, board meetings and farm fields know the love they share is powerful.


May we all know that the best way to instruct is to walk beside and that our own failure is a beautiful opportunity to model repentance and humility.


May you always be learning, stoking the fire of curiosity so that you can overflow and nourish others.


May you find joy in the journey even when assignments are not finished and attitudes flare.


May you know that you are never overlooked by our great God. Your work is known, appreciated and honored. Whatever you do for the least of these echoes in eternity.


May you see and feel the rewards of a job well done even when that does not come with a rich paycheck or accolades, acknowledgement or appreciation.


May you teach others to seek and to find in this wonder-filled treasure hunt with Jesus.


May you “never, never, never give up,” and as you pass this grit onto others, may your friends, family and community draw near to support you.


Most of all may you hear a “thank you” today.


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A Blessing for Teachers

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