Frequently Asked Questions


Travel, Insurance, Visas, Extra Costs


When should I book my flights?

It’s important that you don’t book your flights until you’ve been accepted on DTS, and have received your visa.


Do I need to book a return ticket?

Some students come to DTS without a return ticket because they would like to stay and travel Australia after their DTS or have the option to join our Gap Year program. Once you have obtained the correct visa, please check the restrictions to ensure your particular visa doesn’t stipulate the necessity of a return ticket.


What type of visa should I apply for?

It’s important you do not begin the visa application process until your DTS application has been accepted and we’ve sent you an “acceptance of place” letter. Once you’ve been officially accepted, we will work with you to apply for the correct visa.


Do I need any immunisations?

You are welcome to check with your general care doctor to see if your immunisations are up to date. Once your particular team’s overseas field assignment has been determined, we will provide you with additional information about any specific immunisations required. While these can easily be obtained once you’re in Australia, we highly recommend you get any immunisations while at home prior to coming. If you’d like to get any in advance in your home nation, please check with your care provider about recommended immunisations for overseas travel. We would recommend you getting up to date on your basic immunizations in your home nation to avoid additional costs while here in Australia.


Do I need to buy my own medical insurance?

If you are not a citizen of Australia or New Zealand, you will need to show proof of having obtained sufficient travel medical insurance. Once you are given an “acceptance of place” you will need to send through your proof of insurance to us.


Are there extra costs associated with DTS?

(For a detailed description of the fees, please scroll to the bottom of the page. The following is a brief summary.) The DTS course fees cover: tuition, room and board, school-organised excursions, and ground fees for local and overseas field assignment. (Please note, your overseas field assignment plane ticket will incur an additional cost to be determined during the first month of the DTS.) Things not included are:

  • Your travel to and from Sydney
  • Health insurance for non-Australian/NZ citizens
  • Visa costs for non-Australian/NZ citizens
  • Immunisations (if needed)
  • Personal expenses such as snacks, toiletries, entertainment, etc.
  • Flights for overseas portion of field assignment

There is an optional, additional activity package that we offer called the Sydney Adventure Package. More information on this below.


I have special dietary needs (allergies/restrictions). Do you accommodate these?

Depending on your dietary needs, extra charges may apply. Please let us know of any restrictions or allergies when you fill out your application.


What should I pack?

Once you have been accepted to the DTS, our registrar will send you an in-depth packing list for your reference.


DTS Life


Where will I live?

We provide shared accomodation for all of our students while on DTS. This ensures you get the maximum experience of Christian community and never have a friend far away. Community living is an important aspect to our training and work and we promise you will grow a lot and have a lot of fun through this shared experience!


Can I live on my own or work at an outside job while on DTS?

Because DTS is an immersive live-learn environment, we require participants to live in our supplied housing. DTS is not only classroom time, but volunteerism in our local community, shared experiences around the dinner table, and more. Because of this you will not have time to get an outside job while on DTS.


What is the Sydney Adventure Package?

We have a few special extra activities we organize on the DTS, which include: Harbour Bridge Climb, professional (group) surf lesson, and Blue Mountains excursion. These aren’t included in your DTS course fees but we are able to provide a discount through group bookings. If you want to add the Sydney Adventure package to your course fees, it’s an additional fee of $280.


What does the weekly schedule look like on lecture phase?

The weekly schedule is a mixture of classroom time, worship, prayer and intercession, group activities, workshops, social time, community outreach and volunteerism, practical work, and more. Upon arrival you will be given a detailed schedule for the entire course, including a calendar, weekly themes, and dates for local and overseas field assignments.


Do you allow families or married couples on DTS?

We love families and place a high value on them! Please email us directly if you wish to bring an entire family on DTS so we can see how to best accommodate you. Our accomodation is limited so we’ll look at this on a case-by-case basis, but our preference is always to see if we can make a way for you to join us.


Is there an age limit?

Students must be at least 18 years of age prior to the start date of the DTS. While most of our students are between the ages of 18-30 (or 35), if you fall outside of this age bracket, you are certainly not exempt from DTS. We love the generations! Please get in touch with us and we can help you process if you would most flourish in our context or in another context such as a specific “All Gen DTS” or a “Crossroads DTS” offered at another YWAM location.


Where do most students come from?

All over the world! This will vary from school to school, but the value of our mission is that we equip missionaries “from everywhere to everywhere.” The richness that a diverse YWAM community enjoys is of the deepest value to us. (We do, require, however that staff and students have English proficiency to be able to flourish in an English-speaking context.)


Is there a prerequisite for DTS?

Nope! Just be 18 years old!


What can I do in my free time?

Most weekends will be free and we encourage you to get out and about with friends! Explore our beaches, visit local churches, see the sights, enjoy cultural experiences, have intentional some down time, and so forth. We encourage whole-life flourishing, which includes both rest and fun!


Can I bring my dog or cat?

Unfortunately our facilities don’t allow for students to bring pets.


Field Assignment (Outreach)


Where will we be going on Field Assignment? (Sometimes called “outreach.”)

The Urban Village DTS encompasses two distinct outreaches for a total of ten weeks: one that takes place here in Sydney in order that we may practice service in a local (and Western) context, and a second that takes place overseas. The overseas location(s) will vary by school and according to the skills and capacity of the students. Your overseas field assignment location will be confirmed within the first month of the DTS. It’s important to us that students are exposed to different types of volunteerism and have the chance to include ministry in both an urban context and a village context.


How big are the field assignment/outreach teams?

This varies by school but teams are generally between 5-10 students with a minimum ratio of one staff person to every seven students. Where possible, we like to have two staff members regardless of the size of the team.


What kind of ministries/activities would we do on outreach?

This depends on many factors such as location, local contacts, opportunities, culture, skills and capacity of the team, etc. Our main objective is to support local, long term workers on the field in their work and to demonstrate the love of Jesus in action as we practice what it means to “love our neighbour” in various contexts. This happens in a variety of ways: children’s ministry and camps, youth work, building projects and manual labor, serving local church initiatives, preaching and sharing your testimony, community work, bible distribution, and more.


About Sydney


How close is the beach?

We are so lucky to be on the doorstep to some of Australia’s most famous surf beaches (Manly, Bondi, Coogee, and more). Newtown is approximately 20 minutes from the closest beach, with many an easy bus ride away.


What if I’m not a “city person”? Will Sydney feel overwhelming?

While we can’t answer this for your personal situation and unique personality, we can say that our particular neighbourhood has many of the plusses of city life combined with the local “village” feel. Within a five minute walk you’ll find grocers, a library, a movie theatre, post office, cafes, banks, and boutiques. Being walkable will help you to feel like you’re not in a giant city, but a friendly (buzzing) neighbourhood. There are pocket parks hidden around every corner in our area as well as half a dozen large parks within walking distance. Some of them are large enough to have their own jogging/bike tracks, sports ovals, basketball courts, and more. If you need even more “escape” from the city, we’re an easy two hour train ride from the Blue Mountains and several other national parks. Green space is very important to Sydneysiders so you never have to go far to escape the street. (And don’t forget our dozens of breathtaking beaches!)


How will I get around the city?

While in Newtown you can easily walk everywhere—shops, eateries, entertainment—but if you want to further explore Sydney, our public transport system is extensive, reliable, and affordable. There are busses and trains available to everywhere you’d want to go: major shopping malls, tourist destinations such as The Rocks or the Opera House, beaches, and national parks. You will be given an Opal Card on arrival and we will teach you how to catch the train or bus to where you need to go.




What happens after DTS?

Many students return home to continue their studies or pursue a career path. Others choose to pursue higher education within YWAM’s University of the Nations. Still others decide to do an internship with YWAM Sydney Newtown or help serve with one of our existing or emerging ministries. We have found that DTS equips people for missional living, so whatever path you choose, your DTS will have given you a wonderful head start!



DTS Cost Breakdown

Payment Schedule and Refund Policies:



Total Course Fees: $8950.00 AUD**

**Please note: This is the 2020 course fee. Our 2021 course fee will be set by January 31, 2021.**


The overall course fees for DTS include:

  • Enrollment deposit
  • Course fees
  • Course books and resources
  • Food* and accomodation for duration of course in Sydney (weekends included)


The overall course fees for DTS also includes the following outreach costs:

  • Visa expenses for field assignment location
  • Extra health insurance for duration of overseas field assignment
  • Food* and accomodation for the duration of local and overseas field assignment
  • Ground transportation while on local and overseas field assignment


Overall course fees do NOT include:

  • Flights/travel between home country and Sydney, Australia
  • Visa expenses for your Australian visa (for non-Aus/NZ citizens)
  • Health insurance for duration of course (for non-Aus/NZ citizens)
  • Police check expenses (if required)
  • Immunisations required for field assignment (if required)
  • Personal expenses (toiletries, snacks, spending money)
  • Flights to and from overseas field assignment location(s) (to be determined within first month of course)
  • Sydney Adventure Package (optional activity bundle for Harbour Bridge Climb, professional surf lesson, and Blue Mountains excursion)


*Please note: Depending on your dietary needs, extra charges may apply.



Payment Schedule of Fees:


Course fees

  • $50 AUD non-refundable application fee – Due with application.
  • $440 AUD non-refundable enrollment deposit – Due within 2 weeks of receiving your “Acceptance of Place” letter. This will reserve your place on the DTS.
  • Remaining $8460 AUD due two weeks before commencement of the DTS.



Overseas field assignment airfares

Flights for the overseas portion of your field assignment will be determined by week four of the course, with fees due by week six. (These flights vary between $800-$1600 AUD.)