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“To participate in mission is to participate in the movement of God’s love toward people, since God is a fountain of sending love.”

—David J Bosch

There are several streams of opportunity for involvement at YWAM Sydney Newtown. We believe every Christian is called to faithful witness in the world, but there are a myriad of ways God calls you to serve your community and sphere of influence.

Sydney Locals

Our For the Love of Sydney community is made up of Sydneysiders and YWAM alumni* who have a heart for missional living and a love for our city. Our vocations are wide and varied, but our mission is the same: to see God’s Kingdom come in our city.


We gather virtually through prayer and encouragement and we also break bread around the dinner table and communion table and other gatherings as much as we’re able. We believe transformation comes through genuine relationship paving the way for the Spirit of God to move among and through us.


Sign up here to be notified of upcoming For the Love of Sydney gatherings, YWAM alumni gatherings, or to get the conversation started. (Or better yet, join us here.)


*We’re using the word ‘alumni’ here to help identify YWAMers who don’t serve as current operational staff at a local YWAM centre. But the truth is, we consider you just as much a YWAMer as we are. How about we drop the word ‘alumni’ and just call each other YWAMers? Yup, that sounds pretty good!

Urban Village DTS + YWAM Gap Year


We are thrilled to offer two short-term opportunities for training and volunteering with us:


Find out more about our Urban Village Discipleship Training School or our YWAM Sydney Gap Year Program.

Leadership Communal


The Leadership Communal is an accredited two year educational track to equip you for Christian ministry and beyond, and is also the means by which you can join our team as a full time YWAM staff member.


At the heart of our Leadership Communal is a focus on personal and community discipleship, team leadership skills, developing spiritual practices for a missional approach to life, and vocational discovery.


Your time in our Leadership Communal will equip you through hands-on ministry training that will translate to any vocation, whether you decide to pursue full time ministry, continue higher education, or enter the workforce after your two years with us.


Please note: Our Leadership Communal is registered as a Ministry Development School in YWAM’s University of the Nations, and here in Australia is certified as a Certificate IV in Christian Missions (we call this C4CM for short). You must have already completed the Urban Village DTS or another accredited YWAM DTS before applying for the Leadership Communal.


Learn about the Leadership Communal (including our learning modules and course format) here.

Full Time Staff

If you are interested in big facilities, slick programs, hundreds of staff, and a well-oiled machine, then we are not the base for you. We are a family-oriented, pioneering ministry in the inner city and all staff that comes to join us must be ready for that challenge and joy.


What does that mean?


It means that you bring your whole heart and roll your sleeves up along with us.  It means that your office space might be at our kitchen table one day and at a hipster cafe the next. You might head up our creative department while also being in charge of hospitality for our guests and making dinner on Tuesdays. You might be our worship leader and our bookkeeper and the guy who picks up mail from our PO Box on Fridays. Or you might be a blogger one day, visit elderly neighbours the next, and facilitate community youth nights on the weekend.


We’re all in this together so you’ll see each one of us taking on a variety of roles even as we pursue our primary gifts and passions. If you don’t like variety, serving one another, or working in a collaborative team, then we’re not the base for you.


Calling the visionaries


But if you see yourself as a visionary pioneer. . . then you may have found the right place. We’re looking for dreamers, creatives, adventurers, paradigm-shifters, innovators, builders, and those who are willing to push the boundaries on how things have always been done. Together we are creating something amazing in Sydney that will be a blessing to the ends of the earth and we’re looking for teammates who are willing to toss their ideas and talent into the mix and create right alongside us.


Do you feel unqualified?


That’s okay. We all do sometimes. The good news is we’re more interested in character, heart, vision, and grit than we are in your resume. We’re committed to training you and walking alongside you as you grow into areas you never thought possible.


Our full-time staff join because they want more than just a job description; they want a community to pursue Jesus and do life with. We are more than ministry roles and job titles, we are a family of believers who are united in our passion for Kingdom living. Hospitality, generosity, kindness, humility, and love—these are our “rules” and these are our “jobs.”


The work of our full-time operational staff is as wide and varied as the individuals God gathers, but we’re knit together under the banner of seeing our neighbors have the opportunity to meet a Jesus-looking God as they meet a Jesus-looking people.


Please note:


All operational staff—from the newest member to our founding directors—are volunteers, which means you must raise 100% of your own support and will not be compensated with a salary. In order to qualify for consideration as a full time operational staff member, you must first complete our Urban Village DTS or have completed a DTS at another accredited YWAM location. We invite all of our full time staff to enter through our Leadership Communal track to develop your skills and focus for ministry. Email us about joining our operational staff.

Outreach Opportunities

We wholeheartedly believe that a healthy marriage between short-term and long-term missions makes for a stronger church and a better world. YWAM is in a unique position to facilitate both as we pair short-term teams with experienced, long terms workers in a variety of urban and village contexts at home and abroad. Email us to be notified of upcoming outreach opportunities and missions trips or tell us what’s on your heart so we can start the conversation. We have a wide network of ministries that we work alongside and love, so if we don’t have the right outreach fit for you or your church or school group, we’d love to help connect you with another ministry that does.

Partners and Advocates

Our partners and advocates play a number of roles to help us sustain and grow the ministry. Some are financial donors, some serve in practical ways (such as helping with building upkeep or renovations or providing meals or hospitality), and some help in advisory roles in their area of expertise. Others carry us in prayer or advocate for us on social media and among their peers and networks of influence. There are a thousand ways to get involved as a ministry partner or advocate. Let’s get together for a cuppa (even if it must be a virtual one) to get the conversation started.

Parents Circle

For parents of current staff and interns/students.


When a young person joins us to be trained or to serve as a full-time staff member, we recognize that often they are leaving behind parents who long to stay connected to the work and ministry of their ‘child’. We also recognize that as the parent “left behind” for the mission field, there can be a whole slew of questions and emotions that come along with sending your young person off around the world, even if it was with your blessing.


We’ve put together a private facebook group just for you. It’s a place where you can connect with YWAM Sydney Newtown leaders to ask any questions you’d like as well as network with other parents who are also learning what it means to release their young person to missions. It’s our joy and privilege to connect with you in this way. Once your child has been accepted in one of our training programs or as a part of our staff team, please email us to be added to our Parents Circle on facebook.