For the Love of Sydney



There’s a groundswell of people scattered throughout Sydney who have been asking Jesus to come.


We are teachers and bankers, videographers and baristas, entrepreneurs and electricians, caterers and carpenters, students and creatives, CEOs and biologists, stay-at-home-moms and surfers, mechanics and midwives, graffiti artists and engineers, musicians and civic workers. We are practical prophets and dinner table pastors. We are everyday missionaries and we are reaching into our city asking Jesus to transform us so we can transform it and we know that none of it—none of it—will happen outside of Love.


We are surrendered to Jesus, committed to community, and passionate about pursuing the call to love our neighbors as ourselves. We know that love is a movement because Love is a Person.


Imagine us together, seeking Kingdom Come.


And then imagine the ways in which a city as dynamic as Sydney will go on to impact the world. Think about the influence potential: the arts, business, science and technology, education, government, the church, and the media. Imagine the diversity of nations already represented within the city being mobilised into the nations of the earth as men, women, and children catch hold of a vision to live Kingdom and tell His story by telling theirs in whatever area or sphere of influences they already have at their fingertips.


Imagine how God wants to move among the nations.


Kingdom Come. This is our dream and everything we do filters back to it: our ministries, our training, our lifestyle, our community, how we relate to Jesus, and how we offer our lives to serve our neighbors and strangers until they become our friends and family.

Sydney Locals

The For the Love of Sydney movement is made up of Sydneysiders and local YWAM alumni* who have a passion for missional living and a deep love for our city. Our vocations are wide and varied but our mission is the same: to see God’s Kingdom come in Sydney.


We gather virtually through prayer and encouragement and we also break bread around the dinner table and communion table and other gatherings as much as we’re able. We believe transformation comes through genuine relationship paving the way for the Spirit of God to move among and through us.


Join our facebook group to be notified of upcoming For the Love of Sydney gatherings and events, YWAM alumni meet-ups, or simply to get the conversation started about how we can work together for the peace and welfare of our city.


*We’re using the word ‘alumni’ here to help identify YWAMers who don’t serve as current operational staff at a local YWAM centre. But the truth is, once a YWAMer, always a YWAMer. Right?