3 Things you absolutely must know before going on DTS

3 Things you absolutely must know before going on DTS


“There comes a time when you just have to take the leap of faith and trust God to help you land.”



My excitement instantly flipped to a frightening fear as I stepped off the plane.


“Am I ready for this?”


There will come a point after the countless amount of communication, preparation, and farewells that your DTS will actually become a reality. Seemingly months of anticipation and waiting dissipates as the date draws near. I remember the occasion all too well.—suddenly the familiarity of security and comfort left when my feet hit the tarmac.

In my opinion I was well prepared, exhausting every possible online resource with all the questions that bombarded my mind. Of course this was not the case! There were some fundamentals that I wish I had come across during my research before going on DTS.


Allow me to tell you what I wish someone had told me.


1. Less is more


Forget the exploding suitcases and multitude of outfits—it is not needed! On DTS you’ll come to really understand what it means to live without all the unnecessary stuff! And honestly, this concept also translates to your entire DTS experience. The faster you lay down your own expectations and mindsets, it allows you to gain the very most out of this precious time. When you come with a teachable heart, you will grow in so many incredible ways.


2. You will be deeply challenged


This is a big one! There is no doubt about it, the DNA of a DTS is designed to challenge you. You will be stretched physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Don’t let this frighten you! If anything, be encouraged. Everything you will face has a very specific purpose in growing you to become more like Jesus everyday. Let me give you an example. . .


If I am going to be honest, I was not thrilled to learn that I would be forfeiting my own space to live with other girls—complete strangers—in dorm-style accommodation. Ironically, I ended up loving this component more than I would have ever imagined. Think about it: you get to surround yourself with people who are all there for the same purpose day in and day out. Yes it can (and will at times) be tough, but you will learn so much that you can apply to many situations in the future. Also, these once-strangers quickly become life-long friends.


3. God will change your life


You may be thinking, well, of course that is why I am doing a DTS in the first place. However, I never really understood the complexity of that blanket statement. God is going to take you on an adventure that will be like no other. You will be surprised by His kindness, goodness, faithfulness (to name a small few) time and time again. Just when you think you couldn’t possibly go any deeper, rest assured He will have more for you. He will renew your mind, challenge your thinking, and reposition you on the path He always destined for you.


Maybe you have already signed up for a DTS or or you are still questioning if it is the right thing for you. I know how you feel, this is not not your average course, holiday, or gap year adventure—it’s a big deal!


I don’t know if you can ever be “ready” for a DTS. No amount of research, reading, and questioning can fully prepare you for this life changing experience. There comes a time when you just have to take the leap of faith and trust God to help you land.


In saying that, we are here to help and want to equip you the best way we can. What burning questions do you have? Leave them in the comments or email us.



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Doing DTS as older studentWith a business degree in hotel management and many years experience in the hospitality industry in Sydney, Jessica Worner chose to quit her job and complete her DTS in Queenstown, New Zealand. To this day she maintains it was one of the best decisions of her life. Follow Jess on instagram at @jessaworner.

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  • Mary Hoff

    I, took the call right out of high school and did a DTS in Pasadena California . Then went on to Sunland, CA for my SOE. Best decision I ever made besides receiving Christ as my Lord and Savior🙏 I, knew my heart was always with YWAAM. Once a Ywamer always a Ywamer! I, think God might be returning me back to my roots😇? Please send me current information for someone 55 and Alive ! Currently in his services at Bayside Church Granite Bay Ca. Thank you!

    25th Mar 2018 at 5:42 am
  • baseman lauta

    I would like more information on how I can apply.Thanks

    15th Feb 2019 at 7:32 pm
    • Hi there. I’m sorry we seem to have missed this blog post comment! Please email us at info (at) ywamsydneynewtown (dot) com. Thank you!

      20th Feb 2019 at 2:21 pm

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